A glass and bottle of Traminette wine in the grass by the pond

Traminette was developed at Cornell University, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station from a cross of Gewürztraminer and Joannes Seyve 23.416.  This cross produced a winter hardy grape that retains much of the Gewürztraminer heritage in terms of flavor and aromas. The wines tend to be floral, spicy and well-balanced.

Our estate grown Traminette is produced with some of our oldest vines in the vineyard. We craft it in a medium sweet style. There are aromas of honeysuckle, spice and white flowers that lead to lychee and apricot notes that linger on the palate. This wine is suitable for bottle ageing as the honeyed notes will become more pronounced over the course of the next several years.


Funky Cheeses | Portobello Mushrooms | Seafood Chowder | Roast Turkey

Medium Sweet
10.5% ABV