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Spring Arrivals, Summer Expectations and Fall Returns

Photo collage from Cleveland Museum of Natural History exhibit featuring Bent Ladder - now on our wall at the winery.

Arriving soon…two new cider varieties for your enjoyment – Ginger and Summer Gold! Matt is putting the finishing touches to Ginger and hopes to have it in kegs and on tap in the next couple weeks. This one is already my personal favorite – by far! Now, I love all our ciders, but the spicy ginger […]

Learning, Creating and Enjoying – Past and Future…

Bangles, Pendants and Earrings, Painting "Purple Joy"

What we’ve done… Saturday Tours & Tastings and Painting Class Matt’s cidery tours were sold out almost every Saturday evening in February and March. Some of you also came out this past Saturday to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful vase of flowers as Katie Harding instructed you in the use of color, blending and texture in painting. Thank you […]

Now Open Fridays!

Picked Traminette Grapes

***The following is an excerpt from our email newsletter, sent out on 09/28.  Please subscribe to get all of our latest news and information delivered right to your inbox. ***   Hi everyone, We’re still working hard at picking grapes out in the vineyard, and then getting them all pressed.  We picked and pressed a […]

Veraison in the Vineyard

Mars seedless tablegrapes at veraison

The point in the season where the grape clusters have mostly stopped growing and switch their energy over to ripening is called veraison.  Physiologically, sugars start to build up and some of the acids start to break down.  This process is visible particularly in red grapes as their color begins to change due to the […]

Planting Heirloom Cider Varieties for the Future

Filling in the dirt after planting cider apple trees

As we do every spring, we’ve spent the last couple weeks out in the orchards planting new trees.  We replace trees that have been injured too badly to heal, like from winter injury in 2014 and 2015.  The biggest part of our planting is trying to balance supply and demand — it seems like we’re […]