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New Year’s News

What's New - Games, tours, painting class and pretzel bread!

Happy 2017! Here are just a few new things we’re working on at the winery: Game Corner – So far we’ve got Scrabble, Uno and a couple decks of cards. Okay, it’s just start. Our staff (who,by the way, are the best staff in the world) have offered to clean out their game closets and bring in […]

Crystal Clear Cider

A Tale of Two Glasses - Cloudy Unfiltered Cider on Left, and Crystal Clear Cider on Right

Making hard cider is hard work! The process that began in early March with the grinding and pressing of apples is, at last, reaching the final stages. During the past three months the pressed apple juice has undergone fermentation, several rackings (the process of transferring the juice from one tank to another while leaving behind all the solids that […]