Bent Science

Bent Science will be held every third Thursday at 7:00pm in the Bent Ladder Cider and Wine Tasting Room, possibly forever. And, oh yes – cider. Admission is free – bring your curiosity.

Each month we’ll explore a different topic and expand our understanding of the world around us. Join us for Bent Science at Bent Ladder Cider and Wine – an evening of science at its most intriguing!  Must be 21+.

Thursday, May 17th, 7pm
Bees in Your Ohio Backyard with Denise Ellsworth

Denise in her garden

Many gardeners know a honey bee when they see one, but how about the other 400+ species of bees that call Ohio home? This program will focus on some of the most common bees, including their fascinating biology and life histories. Why do bumble bees vibrate their wing muscles to the tone of a middle C? How uncommon are queens in the bee world? Why do leafcutting bees cut discs from leaves and petals? And how important are these native bees to pollination and biodiversity?

About Denise:
Denise directs the honey bee and native pollinator education program through the Ohio State University Department of Entomology on the Wooster campus. In this outreach position, Denise supports and teaches beekeepers, farmers, gardeners and others across the state through a variety of workshops, webinars, written materials and electronic resources. In addition to chasing bees, Denise enjoys gardening, yoga, photography and hiking the towpath trail along the Tuscarawas river with her husband and dogs.

For more information on bees, visit OSU’s BeeLab here.