Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer samples?
Yes.  But the state of Ohio makes us charge for them, so they are 25 cents.
Do you sell your cider to take home?
Yes, we sell 32 oz. howlers and 64 oz. growlers for take-home consumption.
But I have a bunch of growlers at home already. Can I bring my own for you to fill?
Yes, as long as it’s a 32 oz. or a 64 oz. and it MUST have the Government Warning about consuming alcohol printed on it.  If it doesn’t have the printed warning, we can’t fill it.
Do you have any food available?
Yes, we make up some beautiful cheese boards, as well bread and oil plates.  We also an assortment of snack items like chips, oyster crackers and Chex Mix.  While the offerings may change, we will always try to have at least a few different things available.
Can we bring in our own food and drinks?
No.  In the interest of creating the best experience possible for everyone who comes to our tasting room, we are limiting food and beverages to what we have on site.  No one likes to smell someone else’s stinky food while they’re trying to enjoy their drinks.
Can I bring my kids?
Before 6pm, we welcome guests of all ages. Children must be supervised and remain with their parents. But after 6pm, all guests must be 21 years of age or older.
Can we book your tasting room for our event?
Eventually we will be able to host events of limited size.  But for now, we have a lot of things to still finish up before we can start taking any reservations.
How about weddings?
Give us some time, and we’ll see.