Now Open Fridays!

Picked Traminette Grapes

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Hi everyone,

We’re still working hard at picking grapes out in the vineyard, and then getting them all pressed.  We picked and pressed a couple tons of Traminette in the last few days, and we got all our Vignoles picked before the rain came this afternoon.  It’s looking like our first wine (from last season’s grapes) will be ready late this winter.

We still have quite a few more ciders to roll out in the meantime.  I think we’ll have eight by the time we finish with last season’s harvest.  I apologize for talking about Black Gold last week and then not getting it released.  We hit a snag at the end of the week.  It’s still coming, and man is it good (I can vouch for it), but it’s probably going to be a few weeks.

Our next release now is probably going to be our Hopped Cider, which Matt is working on getting kegged as soon as possible.  Featuring 007 and Summit hops from the Yakima Valley, it’s sure to be a hit with you craft beer connoisseurs out there.  After what happened last week, I’m not promising any more releases until after they’re kegged and ready to serve, but this one is coming really soon.

Finally, and the most important part of this email, I wanted to let you know that we’re now open on Fridays AND Saturdays from Noon – 9 pm.  So stop out and visit us this weekend if you have a chance.  And if you do, don’t miss the Cyser! It’s my current favorite.  Talk to you again soon.


2 thoughts on “Now Open Fridays!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kristi! I’m glad you enjoy it!! You must be referring to the bourbon-barrel-aged cherry cider. It’s still aging right now so we don’t have an exact date, but it shouldn’t be too much longer! Tomorrow we’re releasing our Hopped Cider.

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