Our First Press – Turning Apples to Cider

Golden Russet apples making their way along conveyor to the apple grinder.

 Read About and View Our Cider Making Process

Step 1: The bin of apples is picked up by the bin dumper and tipped over onto…

the conveyor belt (we definitely need to rig up a backstop to keep the apples from rolling off the conveyor belt). As the apples move along the belt, anything rotten or in really bad shape is removed and discarded. This ensures that only the best apples then fall into the washer part of the apple grinder – the next stop on their journey to becoming cider.

Step 2: After the apples drop from the conveyor belt into the washer…

they feed into a submerged auger which carries them up into the grinder portion of the unit. The pulp (chopped-up apples) dumps out into a hopper, and a pump moves the pulp through a hose down into the cider press.

Step 3: The apple pulp is pumped into the cider press. Bladders inflate inside…

pressing the apple chunks and releasing the juice. The freshly-pressed juice drains into a tray underneath the press. Afterwards, it is pumped into the tank room where yeast is added and fermentation begins!




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