Our Other ‘Office’

Paradise on Earth - The Bent Ladder Vineyards at Rittman Orchards.

One of the most beautiful spots on earth is out in our vineyards. I call this my other ‘office’ and I love the days that I spend at this location. Muzak is provided by the birds, air conditioning by Mother Nature in the form of fresh breezes and sunshine, and occasionally the roof leaks and waters the vines.

The grapes clusters are growing almost before our eyes, and it’s time to start choosing which to allow to continue to grow and which to remove. Grapevines are vigorous growers and to ensure high quality fruit, and healthy vines, we have to limit the number of shoots and clusters on each vine. This is all done by hand – my hands, Chris’s hands and Matt’s. So if we’re not working on the new building, or racking and filtering cider and wine, or any of a million other tasks, we’re in our other ‘office’ – the vineyard.

2 thoughts on “Our Other ‘Office’

  1. Fran Massaro says:

    Thanks Amanda! I need to find time to get out to the vineyard now that grape harvest has begun and get some photos to post of the late summer beauty of my ‘office’ there. The Tasting Room ‘office’ and wine cellar ‘office’ have had all my focus the past month or so. Lots of offices!

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