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Black Gold Is On Tap Now!

A glass of Black Gold cider next to a pumpkin, overlooking our pond.

What better way to kick off your weekend than checking out our newest release: Black Gold! It is our first varietal cider, made from our Goldrush apples (my personal favorite) and aged in freshly dumped Kentucky bourbon barrels. The result is an off-dry, fruit forward cider with complex notes of freshly picked apple, brown sugar, […]

We’re Finally Open!

***The following is an excerpt from our e-newsletter on 09/14/2016.  Please subscribe to get updates delivered right to your inbox.***   Hi everyone, Wow, what a crazy couple years it’s been trying to get this project off the ground.  Construction delays, permit delays…so many delays I couldn’t even list them if I wanted to.  We […]

Planting Heirloom Cider Varieties for the Future

Filling in the dirt after planting cider apple trees

As we do every spring, we’ve spent the last couple weeks out in the orchards planting new trees.  We replace trees that have been injured too badly to heal, like from winter injury in 2014 and 2015.  The biggest part of our planting is trying to balance supply and demand — it seems like we’re […]