Bent Red

A bottle of Bent Red outside

Our Bent Red is an estate grown blend of Corot Noir and Noiret. Both grapes were developed and released together as the first two red varieties from the Cornell University breeding program specifically for northern climates. They are also half-siblings, sharing Steuben as a parent. Corot Noir has a bramble fruit and cherry flavor profile with big, soft tannins throughout. Noiret is more peppery with firmer tannins and a traditional herbal or minty finish.

Bent Red exhibits the best of both Corot Noir and Noiret, providing a wonderful Pinot Noir-like wine. There are intense aromas of bramble fruits on the nose with complex cherry flavors and an undercurrent of spice and anise. The subtle complexity lasts long into the finish.


Soft Aged Cheese | Grilled Meats | Barbecue | Smoked Turkey

12% ABV