A bottle of Chardonel in the tasting room

Chardonel was developed at Cornell University from a cross of Chardonnay and Seyval. It was selected out for its cold hardiness and ability to make quality wines even in marginal growing seasons. Wines from Chardonel grapes do not exhibit the typical “native” flavor that some lesser varieties do, namely the foxy or muscat flavors that are present in Concord, Niagara and other wines grown in the region.

Our estate Chardonel is made like a Burgundy, fermenting at 68°F and undergoing malolactic fermentation before being oaked. The result is a full bodied, Chardonnay-type wine. It displays slate, white flowers and lemongrass with oaky vanilla notes in the finish.


Blue Cheeses | Roasted Poultry | Cream Sauces

13% ABV