La Crescent

A bottle of La Cresent outside the tasting room

La Crescent was developed at the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Research Center to survive brutally cold winters while making exceptional wine in shorter seasons. It is a descendant of Seyval Blanc and Saint-Pepin. The grapes tend to be high in sugar and acid, lending to off-dry and semi-sweet styles often compared to Riesling but by no means an imitation.

Our 2019 estate La Crescent has wonderful aromatics of citrus, pineapple and hints of honeysuckle. The palate is filled with bright flavors of lime and apricot with hints of tangerine pith.There is a crisp, bracing acidity that balances out the residual sugar, making this a perfect summer wine.


Melon Balls | Grilled Trout | Spicy Curry | Barbecue Chicken

Medium Sweet
12% ABV